We are the dreamers of dreams.  We are agents of change.  And we believe we can do amazing things.   

H3 School is founded on the belief that incredible things happen when people are able to connect their learning to real-world applications & experiences, when they are given agency in their own education, and when provided the space & support to master foundational knowledge before moving on to the next level.    

We know children are intuitive learners, and natural teachers. Our Mentors and Collaborators present material & themes to explore and encourage them to design and collaborate on projects they are passionate about, all while we develop partnerships to ensure they have every opportunity to discover their potential and build the skills they need to change their lives and world.    

We show up each day, with kindness and empathy, and the understanding that our school is first & foremost, our community

Conceptual Age Concepts


The future belongs to a very different kind of person with a very different kind of mind - creators and empathizers, pattern recognizers and meaning makers.  We've reached a critical inflection point, and must demonstrate more than knowledge or technical expertise.  We must cultivate new skill sets, and demonstrate the kind of daily future thinking that will enable them to conceptualize - and handle - the blessings and burdens of a new era.    


Conceptual Thinking

1.  ability to perceive + imagine

2.  ability to predict + hypothesize

3.  ability to conclude + reflect


Learning Design

Our Classroom