A Learning Community Daring Greatly Together

Welcome to H3 School.  Our purpose is to develop a personalized, integrated, and connected path to learning that is data driven, measurable, and meaningful.  We believe it begins with the student at the center of the learning design, a deep curiosity, a daring attitude, and an open heart.   

I came to education later in life than most.  My first assignment was a wild and lovely group of second graders.  I taught in Elementary grades for 10 years; second, fourth, and then, at my colleagues request, as our school's Technology Specialist.  I knew from that first day of class, and I firmly believe this today,  that this is what I was meant to do with my life.  I love this work.

It has been the joy of my life to lead three very unique & distinctive communities for 17 years as Principal in the Greater Seattle Area.  My belief is that as Principal, I serve the entire school community; staff, students, and parents.  I have been blessed to work with tremendously talented and committed educators, with giving & caring parents, and with students full of curiosity, a strong desire to learn, and boundless energy.  

I love what I do. I am committed to working collaboratively to build something special for all of us involved in this work. 

We're solving for a reimagined future in education, and we’d love for you to join us. I look forward to meeting you and sharing our vision and passion for a reimagined future.


David Elliott  //  Founding Head of School, H3 School

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