What if we provided students with opportunities to learn as we do in the larger world?

Project-Based Learning is a dynamic approach in which students explore real-life to acquire a deeper knowledge of the material at hand.  It deepens comprehension and interest as a result of connecting academic foundations to real-life problem solving.  

Not with worksheets, but with projects that require collaboration, communication, and critical thinking.

H3 School students design projects informed by their interests, questions, and passions. They engage their learning in a way that is immersive, experiential, and authentic.


Watch this video from the Buck Institute of Education to learn more about project-based learning...


Critical Components to Project-Based Learning

Critique + Reflection

Students gather the skills to provide specific, helpful, and kind feedback as a process to refine their work.  Students conduct critiques on early iterations of of engineering projects, drafts on creative writing pieces, preliminary sketches, project proposals, and more.

We use critique and reflection as a way for students to articulate standards of quality for their work.  Together, the class uses critique to generate a common rubric for their final products.  


Make Student Work Public:  Exhibition

We celebrate the accomplishments of students and showcase the learning process in front of a meaningful, real-world audience.