Profile of an H3 Teacher

Our people are...

Curious.  Fun.  Interesting.  Compassionate.  Reflective.  Flexible.  Honest.  Collaborative.  Engaged.  Audacious.  Passionate.  Connected.  Empathetic.  Innovative.  Open.  Creative.  Tenacious.  Positive.  Kind.  Fair.

The team at H3 School commit to these characteristics as defining features of our work in serving the individual needs of our students, their families, our colleagues and the school.

As an educator striving to develop the full potential of each child, I ...

  • Observe children, giving particular attention to the unique qualities of each child, meeting each child where he/she is
  • Facilitate and guide, fostering wonder, discovery, thinking, creativity and the construction of knowledge
  • Teach for deep understanding by designing a curriculum organized around meaningful problems, projects and questions
  • See projects as the overarching vehicle through which academic content and ideas can be addressed, remaining flexible and open to each student (and project's) journey
  • Create a failure-positive culture in the classroom, encourage students to take risks; view problem solving as a positive challenge
  • Connect other important personal development goals for each student, such as social-emotional learning into each project

As a lifelong learner committed to professional growth, I ...

  • Reflect on the art of teaching and study the science of learning, always seeking to apply what I learn
  • Possess a curiosity about the world and innovation mindset
  • Engage in ongoing personal and professional growth, embracing its inherent challenge & change 
  • Actively wonder and chase my curiosity
  • Strive for excellence in my planning and preparation, classroom environment, instruction and professional responsibilities
  • Look for ways to collaborate across teams and disciplines

As a fully engaged member of the H3 community, I ...

  • Demonstrate an attitude of service and flexibility, and use strengths and talents in a variety of ways to benefit the entire school community
  • Actively engage parents in partnerships for the good of the child
  • Model and uphold H3 School's Code of Conduct
  • Participate positively and with joy in the community life of the school