Classrooms Without Walls

Learning is Everywhere.  

At H3 School, we do not define school as a building where learning takes place.  Only part of an H3 School education takes place within four walls, as an essential component to our school's philosophy is to get out and experience the world.  

Each student spends at least one day a week outside the classroom, either in nature or visiting interesting and content-relevant locations.  We take some field trips by car with parent chaperones, get around on our feet, and utilize public transportation to take us around this big, beautiful city we are fortunate enough to call home.    


As we search for our 'forever home', we will call romp home for the time being.  

Students will gather in large, flexible classrooms and have access to a Makerspace with interesting supplies and real tools; a studio for music, movement, and drama; a kitchen & dining area for community gathers + lunch, a mobile science Lab stocked with agar, oil spill kits, and magnets; a paint and paper-filled artist space, and an indoor play area designed for fun, creativity, and imagination.  

13500 Bel-Red Road, Suite 7a // Bellevue, WA 98005


Do you have a suggestion for a campus location?  

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