Every student, no matter their age, can be wherever they need to be in their learning.  

Driven by the demands of the school curriculum, the need to get through each topic in a set period of time often rushes students through content without a solid understanding of the material.  

Our approach puts forward an environment where students are not rushed through to more complex concepts without having the foundational knowledge needed to successfully transition to the next level.   

Mastery begins with discovery; when learning happens at the right time, not just because.  

Mastery Learning:

  • Reframes a student’s sense of responsibility, where performance is viewed as the product of instruction and practice, rather than a lack of ability.

  • Encourages a student to persevere and grasp knowledge they previously didn’t understand.

  • Uses results to identify content that requires further focus.

  • Gives students the time and opportunity as they need to master each step, instead of teaching to fixed time constraints.

  • Provides feedback and assessment throughout the learning process, not just after a major assessment.

How do we support Mastery Learning?


1 : 1 Mastery Sessions

Each and every student at H3 School will meet with a Mentor for 1 : 1 Mastery sessions each week.  These sessions are meant to provide personalized support, challenge, and guidance in those core foundational skills.


Our approach to content is personalized.  We create a learning path for each student that's data driven, measurable, and meaningful with appropriate challenges, supports, and opportunities.

While working with a Mastery Collaborator, each student's education is developed and shaped by their individual needs + passions.

Extra support, challenge, and guidance is customized to the student's academic path and pace.  We apply blended learning as an important tool in an effective personalized strategy.


Our approach to context is project-based, and can be individualized or collaborative.

All projects are interdisciplinary, where we connect traditional subjects of Math, Reading, and Writing with student projects and real life. Gaps in learning are identified and strengthened.   

Students learn best when their school experiences have context and are connected to their lives and the world around them.


Our inquiry and mastery approach to concepts give direction to student work.  Students apply meaningful inquiry, building on concepts and exploring big real-world questions.

This approach connects knowledge from foundational skills to context and concepts, and students develop the skills to create meaningful inquiries themselves.

Learning time may be variable, but the quality and level of mastery for all students is constant.  Advancing through our curriculum happens when each student has fully mastered target objectives, concepts, and skills.