Making students the co-creators of knowledge

Deeper Learning is about making sure students are at the center of the learning experience, combining in-depth academic knowledge and skills with the belief that students must also master communication skills and learn to collaborate effectively.

Deeper Learning gives students real-world skills through meaningful experiences, and builds their ability to transfer what they’ve learned from one context to another.  And when practiced by masterful advisors and collaborators, and connected students...magic happens.  

Deeper learning incorporates teaching strategies that have long been considered good practice, such as project-based learning, long-term cumulative assessments, and advisory courses.  

Its goal is to expand the measure of achievement to include more than just standardized tests.     


The H3 School student-centered Learning Design encompasses six categories of deeper learning...

Deeper Learning Outcomes

All five core competencies must exist within the context of...

Mastery of Academic Content

That is, students collaborate on a school project in order to learn rigorous content, not just when planning the school dance.

1.  Academic Mindset

I am a learner, and I belong here at school. If I work hard, I’ll be able to overcome obstacles.


2.  Collaboration

I can work well with others to solve problems together, learn from my peers, and help them.

3.  Effective Communication

I can express myself and receive feedback constructively.

4.  Learning How to Learn

I can set goals and track my own process. I am in charge of my own learning journey.


5.  Critical Thinking

I know how to look at all the relevant evidence and decide what I think. I design my own solutions to complex problems.