Teaching kids how to feed themselves and how to live in a community responsibly is the center of an education.
— Alice Waters

Community Gather

We gather to...  

Feed Each Other.  Learn from Each Other.  Heal Each Other.  And Support One Another.  

Community Lunch

The table is the place we revive ourselves so that we can exist in the world once we've stepped away.  

Community Lunch is a weekly integral curriculum component designed not only to extend and strengthen core competencies, but to encourage community through a shared cooking & dining experience.

A weekly visit from our Life Sciences Mentor will have both kids and adults prepping & cooking together.  We will set the table and arrange seating to encourage conversation with new people and old friends.  

We deep dive into other communities and countries through their food; exploring food culture & ceremony, history, agriculture, diaspora ... and anywhere else our students' curiosity & interests may lead.  

We work outside typical learning plans, and endeavor to support Emergent Curriculum.